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For my dog allergy treatment

For my dog allergy treatment

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Dear All,

My name is Victoria,excuse me if I'm not using the correct words,sentences or grammar,english is just my 2nd language,because I'm living in Hungary,so my mother language is hungarian.

For what I am here right now and asking some help it's because of my beloved dog.

I'm not a woman who is avoiding a job,actually I'm working season jobs as a maid. I'm between 2 jobs,the other one I will start in Märch,of course not in my homecountry,because in Hungary there is a lot of problem right now with financies.

I'm living with my parents,they are living on a very low pension and with my dog. She's a 1 and half year old french bulldog,named Pandora.

We're suffering very bad allergy,we're waiting right now for an allergy test,but in the meantim we're getting shots,taking a lot of vitamins and eating special food.

She's our everything,our sunshine,she's always making happy and she's there whenever we need some support with some kisses or cuddles.

I'm working hard because of them,because of Pandora and my parents just to give them everything what I can.


But right now I'm in a difficult situation,I needed to pay back my student loan from the university and until I'm starting my next seasonal job I don't have anymore enough money to provide all the necessarry things to my dog.

I'm also doing some jobs in Hungary,but that one is going for the bills unfortunately.

I know there is a lot of other things in our world,children who are not getting any food,or people who are suffering from cancer,and I'm trying to ask mony because of a dog.

But who had already at least once in their life a dog or cat,they know about what I'm speaking and why I'm trying to ask for some help,because they're not just a pet or dog or cat,they're also a family member,and I'm trying my very best to provide the best life for her.

But right now I would need some help for it,even the slightest one.

Until I will get my first salary from my season job,in may,I would need 1000 dollar,from that one for the next 3 months I could cover all the food,pills,vitamins and even the allergy test for her and it would mean the world to me and to hear too.

Because my heart is breaking into pieces right now that I can not help her with her allergies.

And after that as soon as my life goes back to normal with the job,I will provide again everything for her and for my parents too,how I did always!

I will be really grateful,even if a little you would help me,I wish all of you all the good things and blessings in your life!

My paypal link is paypalme/odorviktoria90

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