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Free my chest - a step towards happiness

Free my chest - a step towards happiness

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Hi, my name is Arti, I'm 25 years old. I'm transmasculine person who dreams of finally expiriencing life to the fullest. Therefore, I would like to ask you to support my fundraiser for mastectomy.

Imagine that every time you take off your shirt your head will be filled with negative thoughts. Thoughts that hurt. Fear of changing clothes at the gym - I can no longer enter the women's locker due to my appearance and voice. I won't go to the swimming pool, I won't undress on the beach, I won't wear clothes I like - the sight of boobs hurts me and is also unacceptable by society in public spaces (since I'm considered man). When summer begins, I will be too hot in a binder and clothes htat will mask never-needed chest.

And this is what it looks like day after day, every year, in various situations. Breast dysphoria has been bothering me for many years and is get getting worse. I moved out of my family house when I was 19. Currently I'm studying IT at the University of Wrocław in Poland. I'm unable to collect the appropriate amount of money form the work I do. I'm under the care of the Lambda Polska foundation, which supports the initiation of my hormone therapy. Soon I will have to pay the full cost of hormonal treatment.

I will be greatful for any donation and help in realizing my dream. Dream that will have real impact on the comfort of my life.

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