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Building a house after a fire, for a family of five

Building a house after a fire, for a family of five

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Hello, I am a mother of three young children who live with my partner. Christmas 2022 we had a house fire. We have had a very tough year. The home was insured and we thought the building process would go smoothly. But the process is anything but simple. The insurance does not respond and the house is uninhabitable due to smoke damage. The insurance company started the demolition process, but the process has stopped completely and we cannot get in touch with them.

My partner has unpaid paternity leave with our youngest child in anticipation of the start of kindergarten.

We pay rent where we live now and pay the mortgage on our house that burned down. It is extremely tough on one salary, we live from month to month and save where we can so we manage to make ends meet and put food on the table for our three young children.

Donations will be used to get the house ready for us to move back home.

I appreciate anyone who reads this and finds the goodness in them to donate.

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