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Help me raise money so I can open a coffee truck.

Help me raise money so I can open a coffee truck.

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Hello guys,

I am Aurelia :)

A dreamer, a positive and optimistic person who wants to follow any girls dream - a coffee shop that is also a library and a pastry shop ..and also has a lot of cats :-D

I never had the courage to ask things for me from people around me, but today seems the day. Maybe is a Moon phase. If you could spare 1euro to fund my dream, it would be great! If not, it would still be great that you came and read my story and made you feel you could follow your dreams as well.

I will, however, drink a cuppa in your honor <3

Apraksta vēl nav.

Apraksta vēl nav.

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Alexandra Ciuperca
20 €
Diblaru Cristian
2 €


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