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Rally school car

Rally school car

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Rev up your support for Dvarelis Racing Team with our thrilling fundraiser featuring a rally car! Buckle up as a passenger or o Codriver and feel the rush of speed, precision, and adrenaline as you navigate through twists and turns on a specially designed course. Your participation not only fuels our passion for motorsports but also drives positive change in our community. Every donation goes directly to Dvarelis Racing Team mission to teach young or youth or adult drivers to rally a racing car or simply learn the basics of the pacenotes art ant co-droving. Join us for our heart-pounding action and meaningful impact. Together, let's accelerate towards a brighter future!

The funds will be used to install all necessary precautions, such as harnesses , bucket seats, roll cage and extinguisher system, helmets and pacenotes books.

Apraksta vēl nav.

Apraksta vēl nav.

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vēl nav ziedojumu, esi pirmais, kas ziedo!

Vēl nav ziedojumu, esi pirmais, kas ziedo!



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