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Together with the 🇵🇱REACT Foundation, provide equipment to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line🇺🇦

Together with the 🇵🇱REACT Foundation, provide equipment to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line🇺🇦

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Who we are


From the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion, people gathered around the REACT Foundation have been supporting Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor. First, under the banner of the so-called Squirrel Team, and since July 2023, as the REACT Foundation, we have carried out several trips to deliver some equipment to Ukrainian civilians and the military. We focus on supporting soldiers fighting under the blue and yellow flag on the front line. The transparency of our activities and the guarantee that the purchased equipment will go directly to the fighting Ukrainians are crucial for us. For this reason, we deliver aid to the military units by ourselves. We also publish our trip settlements and purchase invoices.


What we do


Since the beginning of our activity as the REACT team, we have traveled to Ukraine many times, staying close to the front lines in the Kharkiv region, Zaporizhzhia, and Donbas. We regularly provide Ukrainian soldiers with the necessary equipment: drones, cars, rangefinders, collimators, communication means, thermal imaging, medical emergency kits, etc.


By February 2024, we had delivered aid to the front for nearly PLN 300,000. This was possible thanks to your financial donations and donations in kind. Thanks to you, soldiers received from us, among other things: 6 cars, 2 drones, 1 excavator for building fortifications, 600 tourniquets, numerous means of communication, optics, and enemy drone jammers.


What are we collecting for


We do not doubt that the equipment we delivered saved many lives. We want to continue helping the Ukrainian military directly, effectively, and transparently. That's why we started this collection - its goal is to raise funds for the next project. How are we going to use them? This time, we want to purchase the following:


● two 4x4 cars for two military units - 9 500 .

● two Russian drone jammers - 2 500 .

● optics (thermal and night vision), collimators, and rangefinders - 4 500

● tourniquets (tourniquets) for rescue teams - 2 500

● excavator for building fortifications - 7 000

● trip logistics (renting a large delivery van, fuel) - 2 000


Why is it worth supporting us


By donating to our collection, you have a guarantee that the purchased equipment will go directly to the hands of soldiers fighting on the front. We will deliver this help in person.


By donating to our collection, you have a guarantee that you will see all purchase invoices, photos, and videos of the transfer and even, if possible, the use of the equipment. The REACT Foundation is a non-profit organization. We do not receive any remuneration for our work. We settle all our purchases before you and the Tax Office.


By donating to our collection, you can be sure that at least 94% of the funds collected will be allocated to the purchase of equipment. In this project, we assumed that only 6% of the expenses are the costs of delivering equipment to the front. We always strive to reduce logistics costs as much as possible, but taking, for example, an excavator to the front costs a bit.


Thanks to your donations, we can help where it is needed most and where it has a real impact on someone's life and health, i.e., medics and soldiers fighting on the front line. Let us remember that they are only fighting to regain the areas occupied by the "orcs" in this criminal war. Their blood sacrifice is also made in defense of the whole of Europe - none of us wants here this "Russian peace" carried by tanks and rockets.


Glory to Ukraine!

Long live united Europe!


Link to our previous collection

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