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pay off debts and change your living with your help

pay off debts and change your living with your help

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Hello everyone, I am reaching out to people from all over the world who can help me. I have a debt to Lithuania of more than 14,500 euros, but I cannot physically cover it.

In Lithuania, according to the minimum wage, I earn only 850 euros after taxes, from which the bailiffs deduct 50 percent of my salary, since I have a lot of debts, I have to live on 425 euros per month, of which 280 euros I pay to my child.

My debts came from underestimating my adult income and taking out one loan after another to pay off my debts….

I currently live with a girlfriend who helps me, but in reality, my money is not even enough for food, let alone covering the loan.

also, in Lithuania, I cannot declare bankruptcy of a natural person, because my debt must be greater than 23 thousand. Euros to physically bankrupt me, and I don't know if I'll ever find the money for lawyers...

I am asking people to help me start a new life and pay off my debts, rent an apartment, work and get a living wage.

I am asking you sincerely to help me and change my life for the better ...

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