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Renovating La Barca

Renovating La Barca

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Welcome aboard of La Barca ! 


12 Years ago, a unique ship set its anchor at the north Italian coast near Sanremo - la Barca - the birthplace to its unique location, where everyone is welcome, nobody judged - everyone can be themselves and feel like home.

Directly within “Bussana Vecchia”, the historic artists village, which has been founded in the 60´s by an international group of artists - A small village on a hill, overlooking the Medditerrean sea, which has been a ghost town in the past due to an earthquake, restored and rebuilt by said artists.

While entering one of the most unique villages in the world, you’ll be drawn towards the spirit of La Barca, truly the most unique place in the world and the embodiment of persistence. 

Firstly welcomed by “Bo” - the ship pig, you’ll enter its first decks among lemon-, olive- & grapefruit trees. Next to its garden, you may climb the stairs towards La Barca´s main deck, which has been created by Ronald, 

with much care, love and an extraordinary attention for detail. 

From its beginning, Ronald´s fine understanding of hospitality and warmly welcoming people has sets its foundation stone within the DNA of this ship.

j4J7SqOYVrdUnlCP.jpgA walk-in tourist attraction, where every guest gets free wine, coffee or pizza - which, by far, is the best pizza you can possible experience in Italy. 

Home-made , in a stone oven with fire, the best original taste, as unique and original as la Barca itself, and the hospitality of its creator.

Firstly intended to host crews of ships along the way, offering free food and sleeping places, la Barca has developed into a landmark of hospitality.

Walking through its living art installation which has become a global renowned tourist attraction, La Barca offers a free place to stay, eat, rest or simply to recharge, breathe and be. 

As inspiration for all guests and artists to recharge their batteries, co create within or host an open air vernissage, or to just be, La Barca is as limitless as the open waters.

It doesnt matter where youre from, whats your diet, religion, culture or wether or not you smoke or drink, without judgement, everyone is welcome to be. 

Within the location, every guest can co create and design the place, volunteer and help its development; building rooms or decorating, renovating the different decks or help in the multilayered garden.

CAm20tZIGp2d9LZA.jpgBut sometimes calm ships stir up the waters.. As simple and peaceful as the guest experience in La Barca can be, not everyone along the way liked the idea of its concept. 

So was the ship and its creator multiple times under attack. Although positively and genuinely intended, this project has met a lack of understanding from the outside. Physical attacks toward the owner and its partner were the experience of its story as well. Also the urge to steal and take from this place was finding its way toward the misunderstanding of many, although everyone is welcome and all is free, the anchor set, was a disturbance to others.

Despite all he physical environment being mishandled along the way as well as the personal health which was at risk and the damage which has been done unto its creator and girlfriend, Ronald never gave up and persisted limitlessly, with his drive, energy and motivation to do something good, be of service and offer generous hospitality.

Casa La Barca does not generate any income, it is a full non-profit and lives of the donations of tourists, guests and your help.

To maintain and improve the quality of this unique experience, welcome more people, develop the ship and build more in the future, your help is appreciated and needed!

La Barca is now accepting donations, to renovate, develop and cultivate its life, so that additionally of its +100,000 guests from all around the world, more can will enjoy its unique spirit. 

nRB20NerF78IlamM.jpgThe funds raised will be used for:

  • Heating
  • Wifi (La Barca has a hotspot - to welcome more digital nomads, a wifi connection is needed)
  • Self sustainability: Solar panels on location for the fully independent functionality of La Barca 
  • Garden: The garden has enough space to plant, grow and cultivate vegetables, herbs, fruits and build a greenhouse 
  • Renovation of current rooms and creating more rooms (la Barca has the space for approximately 10 more rooms)
  • Animals: La Barca has its ship-pig “Bo”, who loves to welcome some company. Space for new chickens is given as well 

With your help, La Barca can grow into what it already is: A symbol for self sustainability and generous hospitality.

With the donation being put to renovate and grow the ship, more people can be hosted, more guests and tourists welcomed to share this unique experience and furthermore: New baby ships will be build

Help the mothership, La Barca with your donation be part of its growth and have your name be put on the wall of fame, within La Barca, as a thank you

You can also come over and stay, help and volunteer on location or if you have any antiques / furniture or decoration, you´re more than welcome to send them to Casa La Barca - which will be inspected by Bo.

Thank you! 


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Kupi, Podrška.

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Wall of Barca
With your donation of EUR 100,- ,we will put your name on the "wall of Barca" a designated place (hall of fame) were every donor who helps this projec...
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