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Taxi EV

Taxi EV

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Hi, I am an independent taxi driver with an open business. I currently provide services with a Passat B8 Highline vehicle, which is excellent, but I really like EVs and, unlike the diesel unit, they have lower consumption. Of course, there is also an ecological element. Since such vehicles (VW ID4, ID7, Škoda Enyaq) are not affordable for me as a beginner, I would like to ask for your help in making my dreams come true. In the stated amount, I included the purchase of a vehicle and a garage space with a filling station. If a sufficient amount of funds is not collected, I am ready to invest up to the amount of 10,000.00Eur. He would distribute all the more collected amount to others who need it like I do now. I thank you in advance and I hope one day to drive you donors in my taxi EV.

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Kuvausta ei ole vielä tehty.



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2500 merkit
Zrzutka - Brak zdjęć

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