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Knee Operation

Knee Operation

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My name is Romeu Romao, I'm Brazilian and I've been in Malta for 8 years, I played for several teams in Malta, and I'm also a Coach at Mosta and School. Last Saturday 13/01/2024 playing for Msida St Joseph I got injured during the game, decide to make an agreement and end my bond with the club, I had an exam and the results showed that ,I will need to have surgery to correct the injured meniscus at my left knee, I was offered to undergo surgery through the government health system, but I will need to be on a waiting list. I have the option of having the surgery done privately and with a doctor specializing in players next week, but as I am not covered by Medical Insurance, I will have to carry the costs of the surgery which are expensive at the moment for my budget. I decided to create this fundraiser to help me with the cost of the surgery scheduled for next week, 25th of January, at St James Hospital.

My Revolut/BOVmobile is : 99797986

Romeu Pericles Romao

Thank you in advance and may God bless you all and me to recover soon and continue doing my services for the Football.

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