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Help me get money back that my friend stole from me

Help me get money back that my friend stole from me

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Hello everyone, i dont know how many of you have been in a situation as sad as mine, but i wouldnt make someone expierence it. It all starts with my good friend Tom we were friends from when we were like 8 years old, we lived next door to each other, so u can guess we were very good friends. About a month ago he had told me he needs some money on a vacation he wants to go with his girlfriend, we were all good friends us 3 but they were closers obviously, i hand him the money he says he cant thank me enough im such a brother and whatnot, the thing is he knew i was saving up to go and visit my other family that lived across border, but he sayd he will pay me back in a week so obviously i trust him he has returned all of his debts to me. But something was strange it had been a week and i havent heard from him cause he ussually text me everyday , so i go over to his house and knock on the door his parents aswer it and say,, Tom left to live with his girlfriend (other side of the country) and he wont be coming back" at that point my heart sank 1 mile down and i had almost started crying on theyr door, i went back home looked at my phone and saw he had blocked me and unadded me everywhere, then it felt like i had fallen into a depresion someone i trusted as brother who i have been with so long would betray me like that, his parents were also for some reason keen on closing the door on me quickly. I dont know what had happend and why it had to happen, but its been 2 weeks and i have lost all motivation in myself it doesent seem to get better, i can barely write this story, please help me get that money back so i can atleast visit my family

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