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The best person

The best person

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Hello everyone!

In the beginning i would love to thank everyone just for the reading this and even more if you will think about helping me.

It was year ago when i was able to meet the best person on this planet. I even didnt know and i fell in love with her. We met on the dating app. We are in contact every single day since than. The thing is that she is from Venezuela. And i am from Slovakia. She moved few moths ago to Portugal tho! Which is really good thing cause it is giving us chance to finally meet. And this is the thing i would like to get a little help. I am trying to save money for my trip to see her. But it is little slow cause i need to support my family too (Mother and sister). And i am every month left with too little money. The amount of money i set here as a "goal" may seem too much. But it is combined. I would like to use it for the trip but also to help her. Since she is alone in new country and she is still trying to send most of money she earn to her family in Venezuela.

Basically you are helping me with two dreams. Make me met my loved one. And wanting me to desperately help her with her new life and her family.

I want to thank you in advance for any help. I am really thankfull! I dont know if i can raise here 10 or 500 or whole "goal" but everything will help.

Thank you so much!

Kuvausta ei ole vielä tehty.

Kuvausta ei ole vielä tehty.

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ei vielä lahjoituksia, ole ensimmäinen lahjoittaja!

Ei vielä lahjoituksia, ole ensimmäinen lahjoittaja!



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