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Support Ukrainian families in Kraków

Support Ukrainian families in Kraków


My name is Dagmara Zabska, I am the head of the Teatre Figur Krakow. Together with my family and the theatre company, we have been actively supporting refugee families in Krakow since the war in Ukraine started. We buy food, house, organise workshops for Ukrainian children and do shows. 

At the moment we have three families under our care, one of them lives in my house, two of them are constantly supported financially and organizationally.

Our theatre is a non-governmental organization, we don't have a regular income and we can only do so much. The needs, however, are increasing.

At the moment, my most important task is to:

- pay for Kseniya's school

- pay for Daniło's braces

- help Natasha pay the rent and bills


Ksenia is 16 years old, her parents work at our theatre. Her dad is a puppet actor, her mum is a theatre educator and director, and she has two brothers. Ksenia earns extra money by taking care of our little daughter. Before the war they lived in Kiev, where they had their own theatre, now they live in Krakow, in our flat. For four months we looked for a school for Kseniy

a, but no public high school wanted to accept her. Finally we managed to find a school, but unfortunately it is a private school, the tuition is 800 zloty (about $200) a month. Ksenia went there for the whole month of June - she loves this school and has found friends there.

She is a wonderful girl - smart, talented (acts in the theatre, plays the ukulele, draws beautifully), I will do whatever it takes to help her. 

To pay for a year of school we need $2400. 


Daniło is 10 years old, he came here from Kiev. He has a cleft palate and needs a braces. It cost here around 1 000 dollars. His parents are artists, they can not afford it.


Natasha is 27 years old and is a single mother of 3-month baby. Since she has to take care of her baby, she doesn't have any income. We are trying to help her with bills, finding clothes (this I the easiest part...), other costs. She needs 500 $ for a month.

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