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Proyecto para importar oro a Dubai

Proyecto para importar oro a Dubai

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My name is Freddy and here I would like get attention for a investor(s) that can see an opportunity in the gold world. 

I opened a company in USA, CA. My company work as consulter and I did contact with a company from Dubai throught a partner from Switzerland, this partner is the right hand of the owner of the company and he buy gold. 

We has been working with him for little business for now but I want do the business myself and bring him gold directly behalf my company, the buyer is aggre and he said me he want I do it.

Whats work? 

My company as consulter have diferents provideer and we had contact a company from where we can get the gold without expense too much and very secure because myself gotta travel there and verify all the documentation and the buyer will help me too with his companties. Maybe do you think "why the buyer doesn´t put the money?" - The reply is because the company cannot take investment out of the bank from Dubai, only when the final intention is pay an invoice after the gold has been refined in his refinery (refinery of the buyer). 

What´s we need?

I had all the contracts done, both seller and buyer is ready to start, the investment is the remain and the business is very easy:

My company issue a contract with the investor(s), the investor will have a profit monthly paid by my company directly. 

The investor deposit the funds at the bank account. I use Mercury Bank.

The seller, the buyer and my company sign the SPA.

I take the flight to the origin country and I pay the expenses required to move the gold (defined with the seller), 

The buyer will recieved me in Dubai and we gonna refine the gold.

The buyer pay the invoice and I pay to the investor(s) as the percents to complete the total investor has been did it. Example: If we need 30,000 usd as total to the proyect, and one investor put 15,000 (50%), other 9,000 (30%) and other 6,000 (20%); the final profit if 3.5% of the invoice. This 3.5% will be devided in 50%, 30% and 20% respectilly. In gold this percents are a lot monet returned. 

I really hope could have an investor interesed to talk about the proyect with more details and if the web can help me to get the funds required would be great! The first shipment must be done before December and is during one years per contract. 

Mail: [email protected]

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