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Please help me live a normal life..

Please help me live a normal life..

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my name is Klara, i’m 23 and i want to live normal life. Due to covid-19 i lost 3 jobs so i took a loan (just for food, rent etc..) which i just cant pay off.. I do currently have job but with minimum wage so its just not enough.. Right now im without electricity because i didnt pay the bill last year cus they increase the prize. I have 3 stray cats which i love and even when i have no food or money they always have the best food! I dont know what to do anymore so im trying this.. I just want to pay off the debt and live normal average life.. I dont want live in fear that executor is gonna come to my apartment. I dont have family to help me. My mom is an alcoholic and my dad has new family..I never ask anybody for help,i starter working when i was 15, never had pocket money. I only have one pair of shoes and i still wear clothes from age 15. I dont need luxury. I just want to live normal life without being worried all the time. Also my cat is pregnant because door of my apartment broke and she ran away. But thats the smallest problem of them all. Thank you so much for reading this and if u want to help me i’d be more than happy..

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