We are still giving children strength - the fundraiser saved the Crisis Helpline!

Published 17 July, 2023. Update: 14 November, 2023.
We are still giving children strength - the fundraiser saved the Crisis Helpline!

The government has decided that there is no money for children in psychological crises. The Polish people - that they don't accept it. See how one person saved hundreds or even thousands of children by setting up a fundraiser for the operation of the Helpline.

To understand the seriousness of the situation, you need to know that pediatric psychiatry is in a deplorable state in Poland. We have very few doctors in this specialisation, and hospital wards treating children struggling with mental crises are located in very few cities and are constantly overcrowded. The Child and Adolescent Helpline was a chance to get help for those for whom the queue proved too long. Who was suffering. Who did not dare to ask anyone else for help.

The anonymous phone, staffed by psychologists, operated free of charge for many years, thanks to government subsidies. However, in 2022 the authorities stated that the Helpline would not fit into the planned budget. As an alternative, the authorities proposed their phone, operating at the Children's Ombudsman's Office. An initiative that had great public trust was to be replaced by a telephone at the office of a man who had publicly stated that "a spanking is not a beating, but a method of child-rearing"! As might be expected, many people opposed this solution.

One of these people was Aleksander Twardowski - the fundraiser for the maintenance of the Crisis Helpline. Aleksander put a huge amount of work into publicising his collection, faced hate and received unimaginable support. More than 40,000 people joined his campaign! Together they raised about €430,000 and saved the Telephone

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