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Vegan For Gaza

Vegan For Gaza

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  • In May, our contact in central Gaza, Mohammad Koulak, and a team of volunteers including Rania, Dalia, Amani, Ahmad, and Samer, sourced and distributed 90 plant-based food parcels to families recently displaced from Rafah due to the brutal Israeli escalation. Our new vegan team member, Mohammad Wishah, joined the volunteers to learn about the procedure and logistics of food distribution. Each food parcel contains vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, jute mallow, cucumbers, onions, and green peppers, as well as rice, pasta, dates, dry and canned legumes and beans, and cooking oil. The parcels were sourced at 25 Euro each.

    Mohammad Wishah has received funds to source the first round of food parcels in another area of central Gaza, where he relocated after leaving Rafah. Additionally, Ammar Kaskeen in northern Gaza has received new funds to carry out a distribution. Due to the latest Israeli aggression on Jabalia camp and the halting of food aid to the area, prices have risen again.

    We will provide updates on the upcoming distributions by Wishah and Kaskeen soon.V1NRjIfU7SMoSz0S.jpgq0AmtE59PgBpgsAc.jpgQ1t6tN3UupklBooF.jpgt7YYDo4p6oBUWOtN.jpgLCPbG5TO3GhBrKSy.jpgXmEKG5upncC4T21H.jpgyetizAEwy4xq7ZEO.jpgXXK0wcyu2KmLu0dr.jpgWuoBjN0bjvZ6nwa9.jpg

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Níl aon nuashonruithe ann fós.

Níl aon nuashonruithe ann fós.


Almost 2 million people in Gaza are facing severe hunger and famine, displaced Palestinians seeking refuge in UN schools or tents.

The intensifying Israeli aggression brings heightened brutality with an ongoing blockade on power, water, fuel, and food supplies in Gaza.

Despite the challenges, the local market still has some vegetables and legumes available, albeit at very high prices.

In November, as Vegans In Palestine and animal rescuers from Baladi Animal Rescue Shelter, we initiated a food parcel distribution effort, providing support to 77 displaced families in middle and southern Gaza.

Now, our goal is to support 1500 families (approx. 11000 people in need) dedicating thisVeganuary in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

How you can contribute:

  • a single donation to feed a family in Gaza providing them with food parcels containing vegetables, legumes, rice, and cooking oil,

  • organise vegan events in your area, with the proceeds directly deposited into Vegans In Palestine Campaign's donation link.

  • If you're vegan, dedicate your veganism this month to the people and animals in Gaza and raise as much money as possible from your networks using the donation link.

  • If you're not vegan, go Vegan and dedicate your journey to support the people and animals in Gaza by sending the link to this campaign to as many people as possible. Create a MONEY BOX for the donations raised by you.

*Konrad is our trusted affiliate and supports the campaign.


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