Patreon: Functionalities, Charges, and Cost-Free Options

Published 5 March, 2024. Update: 5 March, 2024.
Patreon: Functionalities, Charges, and Cost-Free Options

Do you need funds for personal, creative, or business purposes? You're probably familiar with the well-established Patreon crowdfunding platform. While widely recognized, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Take a moment to explore alternative options before determining your fundraising destination!

Positioned as an alternative fundraising platform to Patreon, boasts unique features and advantages. Being entirely free, it's worth a try. Backed by ten years of experience, is dedicated to streamlining campaign planning, collecting money through crowdfunding, and project launches.

What are the reasons to think about an alternative to Patreon?

Patreon, renowned for its role in crowdfunding since 2013, has raised over $3,5 billion. Despite its success, there are various reasons why exploring a Patreon alternative might be beneficial for your fundraising requirements.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Patreon?

Patreon typically processes withdrawals in 1-5 days. For funds from product sales, Patreon takes up to seven additional days to credit them, or up to 75 days if the buyer used the iOS app. Furthermore, adding or editing a withdrawal method involves an additional 5-day lockout. To access your money promptly, it's advisable to learn about 4fund!

The minimalist digital illustration shows a man sitting on a wooden box with a phone in his hand. To his right is an unnaturally large mobile phone, from whose screen a coin and a bundle of banknotes emerge. The figure is looking at the screen of the unnaturally large phone, as if he is waiting for something. works swiftly to guarantee swift access to your funds. We only require 5 minutes to handle a donation. Following this, you can have the accumulated funds on your payment card in less than 30 minutes, and there's no charge for the service.

Patreon membership - how much does it cost?

Patreon imposes an 8-12% platform commission plus 3.4%-5% + €0.15-0.35 for handling each donation. Though it may not appear significant initially, this fee has the potential to accrue rapidly, especially for fundraisers managing multiple donations.

Within the fundraising domain, fees are a standard occurrence. Crowdfunding platforms need to secure income. Nevertheless, there's no fault in seeking a more cost-effective substitute.

What makes unique among crowdfunding platforms is its no-fee policy. User donations, made optionally, support the platform. Our pricing and spreads are flexible, and not set in advance. The decision of how much to charge and whether to pay is yours.

For those seeking to secure funds, this offers a notable advantage. offers an economical option to meet fundraising requirements.

Presenting a fundraising platform with features for every need provides numerous extra features, allowing you to customize your fundraising according to your requirements. This positions us as a compelling alternative to major crowdfunding platforms in the European market, such as Patreon.

Personalize your campaign page

Patreon serves as an excellent online fundraising platform enabling you to create a personalized fundraiser. However, offers additional features to customize your page further. Explore the process of editing a fundraiser and discover all our features.

Integrated Marketplace

Portals like Patreon traditionally rule the landscape of reward-based crowdfunding, but this doesn't preclude our Organisers and fundraisers from engaging with it.

On you can incorporate offers or auctions directly into your fundraiser. We've streamlined the interaction between sellers and buyers, eliminating any concerns on your end. You'll receive notifications for every item sold or bid raised.

Help centre just for you

Starting your initial online collection may present difficulties. Even though fundraising websites are becoming more user-friendly, beginning a collection doesn't ensure instant donations. is here to assist users grappling with technology and those uncertain about online fundraising.

Using our 10 years of experience, has created a help centre. It's more than just a guide on how to operate the portal; it's also a repository of basic fundraising knowledge.'s help centre addresses various problems. It offers support whether it's assisting in campaign creation, fundraiser editing, fund collection, or navigating advanced features. Filled with instructions, bits of advice, and tutorials, the help centre is freely accessible, even for users who haven't logged in.

The help provided by extends beyond the help centre. Our helpdesk deals with more intricate or individual problems, and our team puts in their best effort to answer every question and resolve each issue.

The illustration shows 6 people standing around a table on a glass terrace. Documents are spread out on the table. The figures are discussing. Through the glass, lush green vegetation is visible.

Despite our trust in technology, we don't assign the duty of responding to your emails to AI. We firmly believe that the true value is in our interactions, and we have no plans to surrender that belief.

In conclusion, even though Patreon is widely acknowledged as the premier crowdfunding platform, it may not cater to everyone's fundraising requirements. introduces distinctive features and advantages for campaign planning, crowdfunding, and project initiation.

To wrap it up, while iDonate is the go-to crowdfunding platform for many, it may not be the optimal choice for everyone's fundraising endeavours. introduces unique features and benefits for planning campaigns, crowdfunding, and launching projects.

If you're seeking to raise funds for a personal cause, creative project, or business venture, is a strong contender. It boasts lower fees, customizable campaign pages, and a multitude of advanced features, positioning it as a great alternative to Patreon.

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