iDonate: Features, Charges, and Free Alternatives

Published 28 February, 2024. Update: 29 February, 2024.
iDonate: Features, Charges, and Free Alternatives

Exploring fundraising options for personal, creative, or business needs? You may be familiar with the popular crowdfunding platform iDonate. Before deciding where to raise funds, take a moment to explore alternative options! Despite iDonate's widespread use, it may not be the optimal choice for everyone. provides an alternative fundraising platform to iDonate, showcasing distinctive features and benefits. With a decade of experience, is dedicated to assisting in campaign planning, fundraising through crowdfunding, and project launches. Its entirely free nature makes it a compelling option worth trying.

Why use a platform other than iDonate?

With a history dating back to 2010 and over €100 million raised, iDonate remains a prominent choice for crowdfunding. However, several considerations may prompt you to seek an alternative for your fundraising needs.

iDonate pricing

In the realm of fundraising, fees are customary. Crowdfunding platforms require a source of revenue. Nevertheless, there's no harm in exploring more cost-effective alternatives.

iDonate applies up to a 1,95% processing fee and charges an additional 25 to 35 cents for each donation. This cost might seem small initially, but it can accumulate swiftly, especially for fundraisers handling multiple donations. distinguishes itself from other crowdfunding platforms through its absence of fees. The platform relies on users' voluntary donations for support. Our rates and margins are not fixed or predetermined. The choice of how much to pay and whether to pay at all is entirely yours.

That can be a substantial perk for individuals or businesses seeking to raise funds. provides a cost-effective alternative for meeting fundraising requirements.

iDonate transaction processing time

iDonate processes withdrawals via bank transfer, unavailable at weekends and holidays. In addition, money raised by fundraisers supporting the collection is only transferred to the organiser once a month. For more flexible access to funds, explore 4fund! operates at a quick pace to secure prompt access to your funds. Processing a donation takes just 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can have the funds gathered on your payment card in less than 30 minutes, and there is no cost associated with the service.

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Explore a platform for diverse fundraising needs

Tailor your fundraising to your specific needs with the many additional features provided by This makes us a noteworthy alternative to the most considerable crowdfunding portals in the European market, such as iDonate.

Seamless Marketplace Inclusion

Portals like Kickstarter are commonly associated with reward-based crowdfunding, but this doesn't mean fundraisers on other portals cannot make use of it.

Unlike iDonate, allows you to integrate offers or auctions directly into your fundraiser. Our automated communication system between sellers and buyers means you can relax without any concerns. Expect notifications for every item sold or bidding activity!

iDonate raffles are a great tool for raising money from the organiser's point of view. However, Supporters do not have the certainty that they will be rewarded for their donations. This is why the offers on are an attractive alternative for those not interested in games.

Learn more in our knowledge repository

Getting your first online collection underway may pose challenges. While fundraising websites are becoming more user-friendly, the commencement of a collection doesn't promise immediate donations. At, we intend to support users struggling with technology and those unsure about online fundraising.

With our 10 years of experience, has set up a help centre. It's not just a guide for using the portal but also a space with essential fundraising insights!

The help centre on covers a range of issues, from guiding you in campaign creation to helping with fundraiser edits, fund collection, and advanced features. Rich in instructions, snippets of advice, and tutorials, the noteworthy aspect is that it's free to use and accessible to users without logging in.

Assistance from doesn't end at the help centre. More complex or individual issues are addressed by our helpdesk, with our team making every effort to respond to all questions and solve each problem.

While we place confidence in technology, we don't assign responding to your emails to AI. We hold the strong belief that genuine value is in our interactions, and we have no intention of abandoning it.

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Modify your campaign page layout. 

iDonate proves itself as a top-notch online fundraising platform, enabling the creation of personalized fundraisers. On, you'll discover an extended range of features for fine-tuning your page. Investigate the process of editing a fundraiser and explore the full spectrum of our features.

To wrap it up, while iDonate is the go-to crowdfunding platform for many, it may not be the optimal choice for everyone's fundraising endeavours. introduces unique features and benefits for planning campaigns, crowdfunding, and launching projects. is a suitable choice for those looking to gather funds for a personal cause, creative project, or business venture. It provides lower fees, editable campaign pages, and an array of advanced features, making it a standout alternative to iDonate.

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