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Organizacja XIII edycji projektu ''Ty też masz szansę!'' w Dublinie - Irlandia - 2023

Organizacja XIII edycji projektu ''Ty też masz szansę!'' w Dublinie - Irlandia - 2023

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“Ty Też Masz Szansę!” (“You Also Have A Chance!”), founded and led by Emil Kot, is the only non-profit scouting project in Poland.

Its goal is to help young, talented Polish footballers “omitted by the system”, who are playing in the lower leagues (in Poland and abroad) despite having talent to achieve “something more”. Since 2014, once or twice a year we invite 26 most promising U16 to U20 Polish players from 5th tier and below, carefully selected from a much larger bath of candidates suggested by our network of 50+ “scouting volunteers” scattered around Poland, who provide weekly observations of various lower league games.


We provide a pro-league worthy playing field, respectable managers, kits, referees, internet live broadcast + additional film crew, GPS tracking, physios, MVP prizes and everything needed for these young amateur players to feel 100% like true pros. We also invite coaches, agents, scouts and sporting directors from higher league clubs & academies from Poland and from abroad. And it works – a number of young players invited to play in our project over the years managed to make moves upwards, in many cases reaching pro contracts, and in some cases reaching top tier clubs in Poland and in Czech Republic.

Once again – it’s COMPLETELY FREE for the participating players – we raise funds through crowdfunding, other donations and from our sponsors.

We organised already 12 editions of the project in different cities in Poland and in England. Now, we are working on 13th edition in Dublin (Ireland).


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