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With you I believe I can do it!! 💪 Rent, rehabilitation... Fees. Moving and life!

With you I believe I can do it!! 💪 Rent, rehabilitation... Fees. Moving and life!

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Hello Everyone,

my name is Marcin

I'm from Poland

I know I am repeating myself in some words in this post, but it does not change the fact that I Thank Each of You individually for your help and support in every way, financially, emotionally and informatively❣️❣️ Thank you for your willingness and time and for sharing this post🤗 I exercise every day no matter where. 💪Winter equipment (electrostimulator) as seen in the picture above is needed. Rehabilitation equipment should be diverse so that I can stand firmly on my feet and have the opportunity for stationary rehabilitation during the winter period.

In specific situations like now (sudden move after 4 years), it is worth without shame but with humility REMINDING the post (in which the description remains true but updated with the new situation) and asking for help in gathering financial means for the place I found, because I can't afford such sudden changes.

That's why I extended the collection from July and ask for your help in adjusting to the new environment, where I am currently happy, able to act and move forward💪

Changes are necessary for everyone in life. Warm greetings to everyone and thank you once again for the previous and continuous support of many wonderful people, as well as for sharing the post❣️💪

My history..

Each of us occasionally experiences difficult or crisis moments, myself included. Thanks to your initiative and help, I managed to survive financially during the winter, pay my bills, undergo rehabilitation, and purchase necessary glasses. I am immensely grateful to all of you for this❣️

Unfortunately, I have to ask for help once again, although I don't want to be perceived as weak or helpless. However, someone once told me that it takes courage and responsibility for oneself to admit that despite my stubborn nature, I'm not managing on my own.

I would like to remind you that after the accident in 2020 and two years of work, I managed to obtain a disability pension of 1084 PLN (243€) and a disability certificate indicating a significant degree of disability due to damage to the nerves in my lower limbs. Throughout this time, I have been trying to move forward and earn as much as possible to survive (rent alone costs 1000 PLN) with the help of my family and friends.

Despite months of searching for a stationary job, which is very difficult due to my health condition, especially my legs (I have to use a cane because I lack stability and sensation), I am still unemployed. That is why this spring I participated in a computer training program to learn remote work even with limited skills and an older laptop. I managed to cope, but recently there have been delays in rent and other payments and obligations. I had to give up necessary rehabilitation because I simply couldn't afford it.

I am truly grateful for what I have and that I can still walk, but you can imagine how difficult it is to live on just 1084PLN (243€) without any other benefits. In the long run, it's challenging, especially considering the current cost of living. As a result, stress and debts accumulate over time. Sometimes I feel like crying out of helplessness. I have decided to set aside my pride and humbly ask for help from kind-hearted people. It is the only thing I can do for myself right now. My goal is simply to get back on my feet and at least make ends meet, and my dream is to finally find a job suited to my disability. Currently, I also have contacts with a foundation that would support my needs and dreams of employment. 💪💪

Sometimes I think back to how nice it used to be to simply walk, run, ride a bike... Unfortunately, I will never experience that again and had to change the path of my life. Nobody said it would be easy, but who truly understands the daily consequences of having a disability, even if it's caused by a "regular" but short-term injury? Only those who have experienced it can truly appreciate the value of what they have every day... I AM FULL OF HOPE 💪

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